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Art Rant

In the process of researching game development for Key of David, we came to realize the importance of art. Not figuratively, like game development "is an art". I'm talking about the importance of the raw basic process of drawing and coloring things. About a year and a half ago, when we were getting serious about this idea, we were contemplating maybe building a related board game concept, just to kind of cut our teeth in just the general "game making" business. We actually thought it was a good idea as it would allow us to make a product, but also, we could reuse the art for the video game concept art later. How clever! We'd get some art, maybe it wouldn't be greatest, but at least we'd get some experience commissioning art. It was the first run-in with truly asking ourselves, what do we want this to look like? How do you communicate that to someone? What's the process? Turns out, at that time, we still weren't sure what we wanted in terms of

Our Apocalyptic Interpretation

How will the apocalypse unfold in our game Key of David? In one of our first videos, we talk about Jesus, where He's at in all this, and how our angel characters and angels in general interact with Christ. Now we'll address the general apocalyptic timeline and how are our angel characters are involved. First, its important to understand that the events are told from the perspective of the person playing the game. Barring any surprise levels, that means it's from the perspective of our four main angel characters: Michael, Sophie, Gabriel, and Dinah. It's also important to understand that while the angels visit earth, there's kind of a "spirit world" they inhabit that acts as a hub for the angels traveling from place to place. Best way I can describe it's not hell or what most people think of heaven, but more like a dystopian heaven/hell mix that's partially controlled by the bad guys. Somewhat like the Matrix movie, our heroes have elevated abilitie


Truth Arcade is officially live! This begins the 30 days of marketing for the video game KEY OF DAVID before we go live with our Indiegogo campaign on 9/14/2020. If you have any questions or feedback we hope you engage us on social media or check out our contact page and give us a buzz. I had hoped to have more of the videos I have scripted out live at launch but life and stuff. I should have at least a couple more by the end of this weekend (8/16/2020). Currently in the hopper are these vidoes: CHRISTIAN STUFF: Story of the Apocalypse ART AND GAME STUFF: Art is Key BUSINESS STUFF: Grease in the wheels (about money and finance) Nothing is ever as polished as you'd like and there's certainly things I wish I'd had more time to work on. But I was set on today as my "no matter what" go live date. And it's live! That's something I'm excited about. We've taken the leap. Gonna celebrate with a little wine tonight.