Our Apocalyptic Interpretation

How will the apocalypse unfold in our game Key of David? In one of our first videos, we talk about Jesus, where He's at in all this, and how our angel characters and angels in general interact with Christ. Now we'll address the general apocalyptic timeline and how are our angel characters are involved.

First, its important to understand that the events are told from the perspective of the person playing the game. Barring any surprise levels, that means it's from the perspective of our four main angel characters: Michael, Sophie, Gabriel, and Dinah.

It's also important to understand that while the angels visit earth, there's kind of a "spirit world" they inhabit that acts as a hub for the angels traveling from place to place. Best way I can describe it's not hell or what most people think of heaven, but more like a dystopian heaven/hell mix that's partially controlled by the bad guys. Somewhat like the Matrix movie, our heroes have elevated abilities here, but then so do the bad guys.

While the idea of a "spirit world" might seem abstract, and certainly things happen there that are more supernatural than on earth, it's really just another place. We aren't going to make it overly confusing or mysterious. We also aren't going to mess with time in terms of sequence of events. It's important for the timeline to remain stable. Our angels aren't going to be time traveling, changing the past, or changing the future. The old biblical stories that we connect will be through visions and flashbacks, but there too, these are visions and flashbacks directly experienced by the angels.

So that's some context, now let's look at the series of events. How do they play out. I will avoid using end-times jargon like "eschatology", "amillenial", "pre-millenial", etc. and instead just plainly lay out the time structure, main events, and characters of our end-times interpretation. I won't be comparing it to alternative interpretations.

The apocalypse itself will be roughly 7 years. That's from the beginning, all the way to when Jesus comes back. The Two Witnesses will be real people, a man and a woman, and will do their testimony work in the first 3 and 1/2 years. The war in heaven between Michael and the other angels also takes place during the first 3 and 1/2 years.

The 144,000 elect will be real people that get gathered during the first 3 and 1/2 years and basically "camp" with the Two Witnesses. In the middle then, the Two Witnesses finish their testimony, and the war in heaven presumably ends and then quote-unquote "Satan" gets to rule on Earth for 42 months. Our story with the angels starts a little before the official start, how much before we may play with a little. They will be going between the heaven/spirit world and earth throughout the story.

We consider the official start of the 7 years to be some kind of Earthquake-like event tied to the opening of the 6th seal described in Rev. 6:12-17. Of course, this is just our interpretation. The story has to pick a path. However, I rather like this interpretation because the verse seems to make clear that this is the first time the world attributes the calamity that just occurred to an act of God. The verse is very explicit in its wording about "everyone" being aware that whatever just happened was an act of God. It's not like the market crashed, or another war started in the middle east, or some flu pandemic, where people go "oh, maybe it's the apocalypse." No, the 6th seal in scripture is written as if everyone, whether you're rich poor, somebody or nobody, we're all having a bit of a panic attack as to the meaning of what just occurred.

Our angels also will be just past the beginning of their stories which will be traumatic in its own right. With the 6th seal even, now things on Earth are traumatic as well.

During these first 3 and 1/2 years, we have two separate and opposed groups. On one side, we have the world powers and the people reacting to the tragic events unfolding. Some interpreting the events religiously, some as natural phenomenon, some as conspiracy. On this side, the world powers of course our using the events to consolidate even more power. Satan is doing his behind the scenes work as usual.

On the other side we have the revealing of the Two Witnesses who are in this kind of parental/steward relationship with the 144,000. There's a mystery surrounding the Two Witnesses, but in general they are seen as the camp leaders of the 144,000. Some Christians believe the testimony of the Two Witnesses, other Christians reject them and claim they are false prophets. The things they actually do become kind of urban legend, but news of them is spreading quite fast. In certain areas, due to government control, what they do is either not reported or are falsely reported. News of them in those places is only by word of mouth.

The stories that circulate about them are fantastical and people who haven't seen them first hand are naturally skeptical. One thing that's clear is they are slowly growing in popularity. Are they real or part of the propaganda? The angels are also a bit skeptical. Their interactions with the Two Witnesses are limited. God doesn't seem to want them to work together, and what the Two Witnesses are doing is causing problems for what the angels are trying to do.

In the middle of the 7 years when the Two Witnesses are killed, things have become so dark and confusing it's nearly impossible to tell who is lying and what is real. The world has went from normality to supernatural madness in less than 5 years. Everyone understood, the Christians anyway, that "Satan" was to rule for 42 months. Some think that started with the death of the Two Witnesses, others believe that the plague of the Two Witnesses upon the world was Satan's 42 month reign (i.e. they were working for the bad guys). So the world is divided.

What is certain is that those who followed them, and believed their message are now outlaws. The last 3 and 1/2 years is utopia for some, namely those who reject the Two Witnessses and the testimony of Jesus Christ. For those that listened to their testimony, it's more like hell. However, when the wrath of God seems to start picking up again as the last half of the apocalypse wears on, and the followers of the Two Witnesses "just won't die", the truth becomes clearer and clearer.

Eventually, at last, the Truth itself comes like lightning from East to West and Jesus finally comes back to establish the kingdom.

For the last half then, the angels have more Earth related activities and bad guy fighting, since heaven is back with the good guys. They are also in a different relationship with humans and the 144,000 as both the angels and the 144,000 somehow try to make sense of things as they fill the gap left by the death of the Two Witnesses.

That's really the nuts and bolts.

I don't really consider this "spoiler" because-interpretation aside-most all of this is standard bible stuff. The real meat of the story is how all these events are happening in the lives of our angel characters from the perspective of the game player. So I kind of see this "forensic" outline akin to the way the guy explains the sinking of the Titanic at the beginning of the movie. The analysis doesn't do justice to the experience of those who lived through it.

Hope that helps make it clear what kind of biblical interpretation we're going with and helps with understanding the timeline.


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